Month: March 2021

The Binds of Life

This has been life for me lately. The state of the world, the state of my home, the state of my family—all of it seems so chaotic and delicate and imbalanced right now.

I used to believe that, with enough strength and determination, one could handle anything the world threw at them.

This week I had another in a recent series of reminders that, as much as I want to help others and handle things all around me, I can’t forget to take care of my own well-being. 

The past year has been a prolonged exercise in patience and resilience for us all, and just remember it’s okay to take time for yourself whenever possible.

Kings of Miami (Music Video)

Bad Boys X Jaydan


I always thought this Jaydan track would fit perfectly with this insane car chase from Bad Boys II, so I decided to smash them together!


For demonstration purposes only.

Bad Boys II © Columbia Pictures
King of Miami © Propaganda Recordings