Month: January 2022

A New Movie Every Day for 2022

Movies are my favorite entertainment.

I’ve seen so many movies in my life. My IMDb ratings is currently just over 1,500 titles, but those are the ones I’ve taken the time to rate. In over 40 years, I’m sure it’s far beyond that.

It was different when you could only see movies in a theater. Once cable came around, it made classics and obscure titles a possibility. Now with all the streaming services, it all feels like too much.
So I have to be choosy now.

I’m going to watch one new movie a day. Something I’ve never seen before, something I should have seen a long time ago or maybe something random I’ve never heard of. No rewatches, no walkouts, no incompletes.

There are so many good series I also want to keep up with, and sometimes a good old favorite is comforting, but those are going to come second now.

The idea is I’ll have seen 365 new movies with new stories, new characters and new worlds I’ve never experienced before.

Quite a challenge, but here we go…